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India Style reflects the vibrancy and diversity of its people, traditions and design. India Style is a fusion of contemporary and ethnic style, creating a unique blend of awe-inspiring colors, textures, fabrics, motifs, embellishments and patterns.

Just a touch of India Style can give any living space an eclectic and magical feel:
  • Drape sari throws, over the back of a couch to add exotic flair and color
  • Enhance a bedroom with a sari bedspread or duvet cover with elaborate patchwork design
  • Use a canopy for a romantic and colorful touch to add a hint of tropical India
  • Exquisite sari fabrics with gold and silver metallic threads in vibrant colors, decorative embroidery and mirror work.
  • Hand-painted furniture portrays the royal touch reminiscent of the days of the Maharaja. 
  • Spice up a dining room with sari-inspired tablecloths, runners and placemats
  • Frame windows with detailed sari border designs on curtains, tinting surrounding walls with color
  • Grace your walls with tapestries made from vintage saris giving a refined and refreshing alternative to framed artwork
India Style transforms any room through the beautiful textiles designs, hand-painted and wood-carved furniture that is unique to India.


Cohabitat's India Style home decor, includes furniture, tapestries, pillow covers, art, and decorative pieces. Our products are a reflection of the vibrancy and diversity of India's people, traditions, and design.